We are back on track and lifting weights....
 Join us, we have pretty much finished our repairs and we have opened the doors.
 Welcome to the Chisholm Fitness Center-The Fitness Center is a community center housed within the Chisholm High School. The center is used throughout the school day for our high school students and student athletes. Outside of the school day it is made available to the community on fee based membership. The Center is celebrating its 20th year and I encourage you to visit the Center to see what it has to offer. Our Fitness Center crew would be glad to show you around. I guarantee our fees are the lowest in the area.

Phone: 218-254-1431. (All messages will be returned.)
Location: Chisholm Sr.High School
301 SW Fourth Avenue Chisholm, MN 55719
** Note: Please use the SW entrance located on 5th Street to enter the Center. **

Fitness Center Hours:   
Monday thru Thursday                                                                  
4:00 - 6:00 p.m               We have added our Noon times back. 11:00-1:00pm             
"Closed Sunday and Holidays"

Individual Monthly Memberships are available

Monthly                            $25.00
Daily Walk-in fee:             $5.00

**Overdue members will be charged a $5.00 day pass fee each day CFC is used.