Second Grade Curriculum Goals

1. Perform, then read and write, a duration twice the length of one beat using the tie. (2 quarter notes tied together = half note.)
2. Perform, read, and write quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes, and rests in 2/4 songs, rhythms, and instrumental pieces.
3.  Identify and perform patterns using repeat signs.
4. Identify and conduct 2/4, observing downbeat as beat one and metric accent.
5. Improvise and compose pieces using all known durations.
6. Write 4-beat patterns from dictation, using all known durations.
7. Perform rhythms while walking the beat, then while walking and singing.
8. Perform, then read and write, rhythms using whole note. (2 half notes tied together - whole note.)
9. Perform, read, and write whole notes and rests in 4/4 rhythms and instrumental pieces.
10. Identify and conduct 4/4, observing downbeat as beat one and metric accent.
11. Compare 3/4 to 2/4 and 4/4 through song, movement, and body percussion. Identify difference in groupings of beat.

1. Review and practice la-sol-mi in singing, movement, on instruments, in solfege, and in notation.
2. Identify do as tonal center in performance and then notation.
3. Identify mi-re-do patterns in performance, notation, and hand signs.
4. Improvise and write melodies using motives typical of pentatonic songs (sml, mrd, dms, dls.)
5. Practice reading to perform songs and accompaniments in pentatonic.
6. Analyze 4-note motives vocally, using solfege syllables and hand signs.. Notate sequences of up to 4 notes from dictation.
7.  Sing 2-part canons and songs with vocal ostinato.
8.  Aurally identify and perform songs in la pentatonic.