September 5, 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am excited to be your child’s first grade teacher! I look forward to getting to know each child in the days ahead. This is a year of great learning and growth. As parents of first graders, I hope you enjoy watching and helping foster that growth in your child. I wanted to give you some information that will help you stay involved and knowledgeable about what your child will be doing this year.

Specialist: We will have Phy-Ed, Music, and Library each week.
Phy-Ed will be on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Music will be on Tuesday and Thursday.
Library will only be on Friday.

First Grade News: I will be sending home weekly reports each Friday after this first week of school. I will combine weeks if there are short weeks due to school being closed. These weekly reports are to inform you of what we have been working on for the week, and to let you know about upcoming events. Please take some time to review these and talk with your child.

Star Student of the Week: After the first few weeks of school, our class will randomly select a star student each week. I will be sending home a poster for your child to color and fill out prior to his/her week. This will help us learn more about each other. When your child is chosen, I encourage you to send pictures and have fun with this project!! More information will be sent home when it’s your child’s turn.

Earned Free Choice Time: Each student in class will be able to earn free choice time every Friday afternoon. This time allows students to participate in activities of his/her choice. Students will earn free time by following the rules of the classroom. This year, I'll be incorporating Class Dojo, which is a fun program that allows me to give and take points for certain behaviors.  Positive behavior associated with Bluestreak Pride will earn students points. If a student loses too many points, due to repeated disruptive behavior, earned free time may be taken away for that week.  Continual disruptive behavior will be referred to the principal. I will always make every attempt to guide students before points are taken. It's my goal to make sure students are successful.

Bluestreak Pride:
We have incorporated the Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) to create a positive atmosphere school wide, and to streamline behavior and expectations.  Each student in class will be given positive reinforcement by earning Bluestreak Pride tickets. Students earn tickets when I, or other school personnel, see a student demonstrating good/great behavior.  the student will be learning about what it looks like to show Bluestreak Pride in daily lessons, as well as with modeling and practicing behaviors throughout the school, on buses, and at the playground.  Each Friday, two students are selected to receive a certificate and prize out of the tickets earned throughout the week.
Mrs. Pessenda’s School Website: Be sure to check out our school website From there, you can access my website. Click on Schools and follow the guides until you see Mrs. Pessenda under the first grade tab. The website has information, expectations, access to weekly newsletters, links to our reading and math curriculum websites, photo gallery and so much more!!!

* We have containers for Box Tops in our classroom. If you have any, feel free to send them in with your child to be collected.

Together we can make this year great! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. My classroom phone number is 254-5727 ext. 1118 and my e-mail address is


Mrs. Pessenda