Daily Word Sort Activities

Words Their Way


This year we will be using Words Their Way program to teach spelling. Words Their Way is phonics, spelling, and vocabulary instruction through daily word study. This program covers spelling patterns and focuses on examining and manipulating words, not memorizing them.

The process of sorting words into categories is the heart of our word study program. When students sort words, they are actively engaged in organizing what they know about sounds and words. This in turn helps students with reading and writing.

Every five days, a new sheet of word cards will be sent home. You may help your child cut the sorts. Then have your child teach you how to sort them. We will have practiced this in class. These sorts are for you to keep at home to practice every night. Different activities for each night are listed on the back of this letter.

Spelling tests will not be the traditional spelling tests. However, we will hold your child accountable for the skills studied through their weekly sort. Some weeks we will do an informal assessment as we observe the children doing their sorts or participating in a sorting game. Other weeks students will need show that they understand features of their words and be able to spell the word. Credit will be given for learning spelling features.

The best part of a word study is that your child can sort words anywhere! Yes, anywhere! They can sort their weekly spelling skills at home. It’s easy and it’s fun!

Happy Sorting,

Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Nehiba Mrs. Pessenda 


In School- Introduction of the sort

Homework-  Parent/Child sort together. 



In School- Sort and write

Homework- Students do the word sort independently, but parents may guide as needed.



In School- Word/Sounds Hunts

Homework- Assist your child in doing a word hunt, looking in a book for sounds or words that are in the sort. See how many you can find. You may want to make a list of them in a notebook.



In School- Practice sort and write

Homework-  Independent word sort. (Can your child complete the sort independently?)




In School- Games and assessment

Homework- NO HOMEWORK!! ☺ 



These activities may change throughout the year as students make progress in their spelling skills.


Thank you for your support.